Providing a quote for a voice over can be a bit of a task in itself!

From studio fees, usage fees to delivery types - there are many different variables.

To make this as quick and smooth as possible please fill in this questionnaire
Whats your first name?

{{answer_57295617}} Whats your last name? *

The voice over that you need recorded, is it being used on any of the following? *

And how long do you want to use the voice for? *

Whats it licence period?

What other services are required?

How would you like the voice recording to be delivered? *

Does the voice artist need to record at your studio?
Or an independent recording house. *

What deadline are you working to?

If your script is ready please email it to me so i can give it a look over.

I'll be in touch with any questions and a proposal.

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